How to prevent and cure puffy eyes

You focus all the strength to live a healthy life, you sleep regularly and  you watch out what and when you eat, but your eyes do not see it? They are swollen, painful and have those awful dark circles under them? If you recognize yourself in this description then Penina Mezei, VP at Attencia advises you to continue reading this article in order to learn more about this problem and find out how to eliminate it.

1. The problem may be of a medical nature
Swollen eyes may be symptoms of allergies, and even inflammation of the liver. If your eyes are often swollen, try to find out if it is the cause. Allergies can cause certain cosmetic products, and processed foods. If this symptom is followed by skin irritation, fever or difficulty breathing, you must visit the doctor.

2. Maybe that is just PMS
Good old PMS, the cause of all female troubles, minor or major, even if it was simply dark rings under the eyes. But do not despair, advises Mezei - as you know yourself and that it will pass in a few days, and then discard the salty foods and start drinking green tea.

3. Simply, you have inherited them
Just like cellulite, hemorrhoids and similar problems, you may simply have inherited puffy eyes. You still remain to prevent this problem is not deepened since genetics cannot be an excuse for everything. Teach useful beauty tricks and discard food that does not fit.

4. Increased blood vessels can also cause swelling
If this is the case, you are advised to sleep on more pillows, and apply a cold morning to bet to soothe your eyes. The same can be achieved with chilled metal spoons.

5. Your nose is stuffy
Some people do not go to bed without nose drops and completely understand why this is so. Probably you yourself know that trick is most effective when such problems, so proceed with its implementation.

6. Eat healthy
You are actually what you eat, confident, energetic, lazy, healthy or not so healthy. If you care to your inner and outer beauty, you must be careful what you eat. Avoid fatty, overly spicy and heavy food. On the other hand, note the level of iron in the body.

7. Reach out naturally in a long sleep
Seven to eight hours of sleep is needed, but if you appear dark circles, and then try the best weapons against circles-chilled cucumber!

8. Drink lots of water
So, not enough, but a lot of water! At least about eight glasses a day. It is the best way to stimulate the circulation and also one of the best methods to prevent swelling of the eyes and face.

9. Quit smoking and do not drink alcohol so often
All other items on the list are cast, it was perhaps should consider detach his "hobby". There are a million reasons why smoking is detrimental to health and beauty, and this is just one of them.

10. Sun cream helps
Strange sounds, but creams with SPF may be useful in combating swollen eyes. One of those roles is to protect and preserve the skin around the eyes and prevent its premature aging. As the skin under the eyes lower, the greater the chances of matching circles.

11. Spending too much time in front of computer
It's hard to tell someone to go from screen when his work depends on (at least Ms. Penina Mezei knows how it is: working with a relaxing mask on the forehead is our everyday life), but they flee from the computer for leisure. Replace it with books, games and cooking. Believe us, it performs!

12. Counter-attack
Penina advises that you refresh your eyes before you lie down in bed so that the eyes are inserted dry premixed gas. But make sure you have removed the make-up!

13. Massage the face is useful
Do not forget this when you go next time in the lounge or offer him this treatment your boyfriend. Gentle, circular movements around the eyes and nose provide a fantastic feeling.

14. Avoid cosmetic oil-based products
Did you know that these products can cause various infections and swollen eyes? No? If the majority of your cosmetics are based on oil, and struggles with circles, it's time to empty your kit and refill with preparations based on water.

15. Say goodbye to milk and sugar
Besides tobacco and alcohol, calorie's biggest enemies are just sugar and milk! Reduce their input.

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