Thursday, March 31, 2016

Event "365 days for Mental Health"

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day in the lobby of the shopping center Delta City was organized the event "365 days of mental health." This event was organized by the Association for Supporting People with Neurosis "Hertz", People's Association "Videos" and the Association of users of psychiatric services and their family members "Soul", in cooperation with the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases' Attencia. An opening speech at the event had: Penina Mezei, Director of the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases Attencia, Daniele Bombardi - Caritas Italy, Thomas More, Assistant Secretary for cooperation with civil society - Secretariat for Sports and Youth of New York City, Adam Rosenberg, director of the Association for Adult Education "I came, I saw I learned" and founder of the Center for learning in the community and Loren Straw, vice president of the Association of American patients, founder and CEO of Center Health.

During this event, through the activity "(De)stigmatize" participants had the opportunity to tattoo punctuation marks on them, which had metaphorical meaning in relation to overcoming problems with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. For example, the character ; has the meaning of "life goes on", : - "My choice is", ! - "I'm looking for", ? - "I want", * - "I dream", # - "equality", @ - "dignity", - "the whole world is mine", & - "not the end" ... - "continue".

In addition to these activities, Penina Mezei provided the students with an opportunity to spend a few minutes in conversation with persons with impaired mental health, in order to know their life stories, visit the exhibition of users of psychiatric services, check stress levels and communication skills, talk with a psychologist and engage in a photo shooting, during which they were able to complete the sentence "I feel happy when ...", and later get photographed with this sentence and therefore ornaments "Album of happiness." Images of the event are presented as slideshow on Mrs. Mezei's Dailymotion video channel.

The Director of the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases Attencia, Penina Mezei, on this occasion presented a thank note to Americare for expressing generosity, charity, care and assistance aimed at improving the standard of mental health during treatment.